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Meet the Psalms of Heaven team

We strive to leave a good value to the Egyptian readers who are known for their mastery and good voice, so we highlight the true (young) talents who sing the Qur’an as if they were psalms that came from heaven to dwell in our hearts.

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Complete Quran Recording

In light of these circumstances and the high cost of professional recording tools and in order to facilitate for skilled readers, we saved the time to record complete seals with a very easy gift to be taken from the reader according to his ability and in installments so that the material would not be a barrier from producing a good value for the light (please that the reader be licensed and proficient before starting in the closing)

Recording videos

The goal of recording videos for readers and singers, and contrary to what appears these days of vocal and musical improvements, and the unveiling and adornment of some girls, whose purpose is to show, not spread the value. Religion in various parts of the Islamic world

Teaching Quran remotely

A new feature has been added to the Psalms of Paradise team, which aims to facilitate the Qur’an for non-Arabic speakers

Discover new talents

The real talent and the perfect dewy voice deserve to be embraced and discovered, if you have the talent or one of your friends our site will be suitable for him